7 Car Sales Text Message Templates

1.  Replying to car information requests

Hey, [car dealership name] here! Happy to hear you’re interested in our [car model]. Check out the full specs and price at: [Insert Link Here]. Need more help? Reply to this text with your questions, and we’ll get back to you!

2.  Appointment Request

Hey [name], do you have 30 minutes on [date] at [time] to check out some of our cars? Our address is [address]. Reply with YES to confirm.

[car dealership].

3.  Appointment reminders

[Name], just wanted to make sure you can still make our appointment on [date] at [time]. Please reply with YES to confirm.

[car dealership]

4.  Appointment Cancelled

I have some time available [date] at [time] and later in the afternoon, would that work to reschedule?

5.  Continuing the conversation

Just checking in! Please let me know if you have made any progress on moving forward with the [Vehicle Info] or if there is anything else I can do for you!


6.  Sending A Promo

Hey [name]. Are you still looking to buy a [car brand]? We have great discounts for subscribers. Get $250 off by showing this text to your salesman.

[car dealership]

7. Credit Approval Tex

Hey [name]. We work with all the finance companies. We can get you approved! Need more help? Reply to this text with your questions, and we’ll get back to you!

Auto Dealer CRM software – Helping your business drive exceptional revenue

Automotive dealership has been a very successful business in the recent times. The car dealers deal with a lot of customers and have a huge amount of data with them. Being able to utilize this data properly can provide a good amount of success, and makes their venture a more successful one as compared to others in the industry. This strategy can boost the revenue and can change the fortune for any car dealership, but you cannot harness it just by relying on traditional planning and tactics.

How a car dealer CRM is helpful?

A Customer Relationship Management System or a CRM is the best option to handle and utilize such useful data. This will help you in grabbing those opportunities, which you would likely miss by relying on older methods. Any such car dealer software can help you by understanding the customer data and preparing a report to your Service Department, which in turn can use to increase the revenues.

Here are few examples to demonstrate the role of a CRM in driving the service revenues.

  • Reminders for changing oil: A CRM can regulate the visit of a customer to change their oil by looking at their last visit. The CRM can just send an email informing the customer about the servicing.
  • Reminders for servicing: It is the time for maintaining your customer’s vehicle, and the customer is not aware of it. No problem, your CRM will help you in this. The CRM can send an email or just call or inform them that their servicing is due. You can also announce promotional offers, which will attract the customers.
  • Reminders concerning maintenance: The CRM will be responsible for informing the customers about the support dates of their vehicles. It will prepare a list of those customers whose vehicles need maintenance, and you could focus on just these customers to increase your revenues.
  • Other repairing and adjustments: The CRM will inform the selected customers whose vehicles need proper adjustments as per the current situation like changing the tyres, changing the brakes,

There is a real market to increase the profit just by providing appropriate services rather than just sales. For that, you need to have a good business and marketing plan, and automotive dealer CRM software will help you sharpen your strategies. It will lead to a settle increase in your service revenues, hence making your service department profitable.

3 Key Things an Automotive Dealer Should Do Right Now with Technological Advances

With the increasing growth of technological advances and tech-savvy customers, a big change is about to come for automotive dealers in the market. In order to stay ahead with the transforming industry, you need to keep the following three things right today to clean sweep your competitors by creating a cutting edge.

Plan ahead for future buyers not only today’s

Being a car dealer, you may have this tendency of emphasizing over ready-to-buy and low-funnel leads. Of course, it is the right thing for your dealership growth. However, the only problem with this prominence is that you may indirectly neglect your valuable high funnel leads available. This can only fulfill your short term profit requirements keeping your tomorrow’s earning over the table. It is not at all a healthy solution for long term benefits.

Thus, you need to pay equal emphasis on your future buyers too along with today’s buyers to ensure long term benefits.

Make full utilization of cookies                                       

Having an online presence with automotive website is not just enough to grab good deals. In order to ensure user engagement and huge amount of data collection, you need to make efficient use of the cookies placed in the devices of your potential customers. This will help you to keep your entire digital data intact stored and organized at one safe place thereby allowing you easy access anytime.

With such real-time data intakes, you can easily track metrics and raise leads for the future making thousands of marketing potentials possible for you. Additionally, you need to keep appropriate CRM software that can notify you every time a customer becomes active over your website.

Quick and efficient response towards lead

Receiving great numbers of positive leads through your responsive dealer website is important, but what remains critical to this situation is your response towards the lead. In order to crack a big sale, you need to make sure that you respond promptly to their online requests and forms. If they won’t get proper replies from your side, their attention may tend to shift towards another automotive dealer.

Want to Double your Conversion Rates – Switch to Responsive Dealer Website

With more and more people switching towards the hard hit usage of smartphones as well as tablets, the mobile devices have taken over the phenomenon of internet surfing. Whether you want to check mails or browse any social media outlet, everything is now just a click away from your mobile. In fact, online shopping has also become easier with mobile usage. Looking at such steady shift towards mobile devices, you need to make sure that you own a mobile-friendly website.

If you are still operating your old non-responsive dealer website, you should immediately switch towards owning a responsive one.

What are responsive websites?

Having a responsive website design allows your users to access all your content, structure and images over any device in the same format. This means you really don’t need to worry about the compatibility of your website with different devices.

What numbers have to say?

With the record breaking increase in the number of mobile users every year, Google, a giant search engine has come forward with a preference towards the usage of responsive website design as the only pattern for mobile devices. Thus, if you wish to remain on the top side of SEO ranking, you need to abide by its preferences.

In fact, according to the study conducted by Aberdeen Group, the responsive websites showed 11% higher increase in the conversion rates in comparison with the non-responsive websites that only received 2.7% improvement in the performance every year. Its report says that responsive websites can improve your overall annual performance in terms of –

  • Brand awareness
  • Conversion rate of visitors-to-buyers
  • Annual revenue of the company
  • Average value of orders
  • Rate of visitor engagement

How responsive design increases conversion?

Earlier, online shopping over mobile devices was a painful experience that requires you to show superior level of patience. However, with responsive website designs, the scenario can change tremendously. In fact, several companies report a successful increase in the conversion rate with the help of responsive dealer websites. Some of the renowned names include Bench, State Farm, O’Neil Clothing etc.