# 1 Lead Nurturing Email Example (General Inquiry):

Hello there!

I hear you’re looking for more information on a specific model, and I’d like to help you out as much as possible. Do you have any particular questions about the car that I can answer or do you want to know everything?

I am here to help, and you can contact me at any time during office hours.

I look forward to your reply!

Kind Regards,

[Salesperson’s Signature]

# 2 Lead Nurturing Email Example (Specific Vehicle Inquiry):

Hey [Name],

I’m happy to hear that you’re interested in more information about the [vehicle make and model] that we have on the lot right now at [dealership]. That’s a great car!

I’m here to help, so if there are any specific questions you have about the car, or there is any information I can get for you, just shoot me an email or drop me a line at [phone number].

Looking forward to chatting with you,

[Salesperson's Signature]

# 3 Lead Nurturing Email Example (Specific Vehicle Inquire with PDF):

Hello [Name],

I’m thrilled to see that you’re interested in learning more about the [vehicle make and model] we’ve got here at [dealership name]. I’m here to answer any questions you might have, so please fire away.

I’ve included a PDF of all the vehicle info just in case you’d like to have that on hand.

If you’d like any other information, want to schedule a test drive, or just feel like coming in to kick the tires, please feel free to reach out. Shoot me an email or give me a call anytime at [phone number].

All the best,

[Salesperson's Signature]

** Attach Window Sticker of vehicle. This can be printed from your inventory manager

# 4 Lead Nurturing Email Example (Follow up Promo):

Hey [Name],

How’s your car search going? I saw that you were interested in the awesome [vehicle make and model] we have right now and wanted to offer my help.

I’m here to answer any questions you might have, so please reach out any time via email or give me a call at [phone number].



# 5 Lead Nurturing Email Example (Follow up Promo):

Hello [Name],

We have an awesome [category of deal user indicated interest in] going on right now and I wanted to reach out and let you know about it personally.

Right now, at [dealership], you can get . It’s a great opportunity and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on.

If you’re curious about this [category of deal], you have questions, or you’d like to come in and take advantage of this, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email or give me a call at [phone number].



#6 Asking for a Review

Hello [Name],

Thank you again for choosing to do business with [dealership]. I hope you’re having a blast in your [vehicle make and model].

At [dealership], we are 100% dedicated to our customers, and we’d love to get your feedback on your car shopping experience. If you have a moment, please give us a quick review [link to dealership website or most popular review site].

If anything isn’t living up to your expectations or your car-buying experience was unsatisfactory in any way, please let me know. I’ll do everything in my power to correct it. You can reach me via email, or give me a call at [phone number].

Your friend at [Dealership],


# 7 After- Sale Follow Up – Welcome to the Family

Hey [Name]!

Thank you so much for choosing to do business with [Dealership]. Now it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the [Dealership] family!

Our customers are our number one priority, so I’d just like to check in and make sure that everything is up to your standards. If there is anything bothering you (even if it is extremely minor), please don’t hesitate to let me know. You can email any time, or give me a call at [phone number].

Thanks again!


# 8 Yearly Check-In

Hi there [Name],

I know it’s been a while, so I just wanted to reach out to see how you are doing and if there is anything that we can do for you.

Considering a trade-in? Our consultants know how to get you the most bang for your buck.

Got a problem under the hood? Our phenomenal service team is ready to help out with any maintenance issues that have been bugging you.

Got anything else I can help with? Email or reach out at [phone number] at any time.

Your friend at [Dealership],