With Facebook rated the #1 social media platform by dealerships for ROI, and more Canadians active on Facebook than any other social media site, it’s no surprise businesses are in “like” with the platform.

We have been told by the Facebook Marketplace Team that there are a few factors in place that the current algorithm looks for and takes into account in terms of where vehicles will show up or appear within the marketplace.

The factors that Facebook’s current algorithm uses to determine placement are:

Quality of conversation – This means at least 3 questions being asked/answered in every message.

Average response rate and response time – This means responding right away and on time which is usually less than 5 minutes from when the original inquiry was sent to the dealer.

Basically their current philosophy is that if the dealer takes care of the shoppers by responding every time and in a timely manner, then Facebook will take care of the dealer by placing their inventory closer and closer to the top of the page more often.

Our system processes your inventory every 6 hours