With more and more people switching towards the hard hit usage of smartphones as well as tablets, the mobile devices have taken over the phenomenon of internet surfing. Whether you want to check mails or browse any social media outlet, everything is now just a click away from your mobile. In fact, online shopping has also become easier with mobile usage. Looking at such steady shift towards mobile devices, you need to make sure that you own a mobile-friendly website.

If you are still operating your old non-responsive dealer website, you should immediately switch towards owning a responsive one.

What are responsive websites?

Having a responsive website design allows your users to access all your content, structure and images over any device in the same format. This means you really don’t need to worry about the compatibility of your website with different devices.

What numbers have to say?

With the record breaking increase in the number of mobile users every year, Google, a giant search engine has come forward with a preference towards the usage of responsive website design as the only pattern for mobile devices. Thus, if you wish to remain on the top side of SEO ranking, you need to abide by its preferences.

In fact, according to the study conducted by Aberdeen Group, the responsive websites showed 11% higher increase in the conversion rates in comparison with the non-responsive websites that only received 2.7% improvement in the performance every year. Its report says that responsive websites can improve your overall annual performance in terms of –

  • Brand awareness
  • Conversion rate of visitors-to-buyers
  • Annual revenue of the company
  • Average value of orders
  • Rate of visitor engagement

How responsive design increases conversion?

Earlier, online shopping over mobile devices was a painful experience that requires you to show superior level of patience. However, with responsive website designs, the scenario can change tremendously. In fact, several companies report a successful increase in the conversion rate with the help of responsive dealer websites. Some of the renowned names include Bench, State Farm, O’Neil Clothing etc.

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