What are the new trends in a digital world that will surely draw the attention of the consumers? Almost every organization wants to find a concrete answer for this question. Yes, with the rapidly transforming digital world, a great shift of consumer attention is visible towards the lucrative new routes of digital marketing. It is but obvious to occur in a scenario where digital success opportunities are available in abundance.

Thus the organizations need to evolve constantly with the changing digital trends and provide optimum value to its consumers. However, to know what actually the consumers feel about the changing digital scenario, the survey of Code Computer love can turn out a vital source for you. With the flawless amalgamation of various interactive technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality etc, here are some of the much-preferred technology integrations that consumers tend to love in 2017 as per the survey –

Mobile payments – the topmost priority

As per the survey of Code Computer love conducted over 1000 adults of UK, the mobile payments have become the most preferred technological advancement for the year 2017. With the continuous growth of smartphones, mobile marketing continues to broaden its scope and mobile payments are one of its examples. Yes, more and more people are switching towards mobile payments for constant buying due to the ease and convenience it offers to them.

Virtual reality on the go

While choosing between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), 9 consumers out often make a preference for virtual one in near future due to the kind of customer experience it offers. Although, both the VR and AR are key strides of retail and marketing sector, virtual reality still occupies a cutting edge over AR. It is surely an excellent way of engaging your customers into an interactive session.

The 360o view

Another significant trend of digital marketing that consumers look forward to in 2017 is the 360o view of their responsive dealer websites. This allows them to experience an immersion in the reality despite being in the virtual world.