In the recent times, CRM has emerged as an inevitable marketing and client acquisition tool in myriad industries and the same holds for companies into the business of car dealer marketing. The significance of CRM lies in the proper utilization by sales team in its everyday core activities. However, ironically, organizations face several issues in grooming their sales team with this software. Here is how they could get their sales reps to use CRM software and hence ensure enhanced business:

Simplify your process

The success of your sales efforts lies in explaining its value to the prospect. The same rule applies when it comes to motivating your team to use CRM software. You need to explain why using this tool would be better for them instead of sticking to the traditional sales methods. These rep-centric benefits would help you in this regard:

  • CRM software acts as a centralized place to track prospect interaction
  • It enables to record noted about prospects
  • It is helpful in visualizing sales forecasts.

Assign CRMs to different teams

CRM software mostly exist over the cloud and are also available in freemium versions. So what you can do is to have different teams of reps and ask each of them to use a distinct CRM. Keep getting feedback from them so that when you finally decide to choose the paid version of a CRM, you will already have a team to train other team members. As a result, your reps will discover the value of the CRM software.

Encourage Collaboration

Whether it is car dealer marketing or any other business, mouth campaign works efficiently in every field. Thus if people in your team are aware and helping each other, it will prove to be a team effort and things will fall into place flawlessly.

Incentive Plans

Incentives on this one will always ignite a fire in your team to buckle up and start. This can be a point system related to the fields that they fill out, the amount of contacts they add vs. the leads they have taken. Get creative and offer things that you know will motivate your reps.

Use the product yourself

Before sending your product for the final show, it is better if you have hands on experience with the product. Setting up an example in the initial stages would make your team motivated and keen on taking initiatives.