For car dealers, it is a challenge to keep the sales of their vehicles above par. In fact, an effective marketing strategy, along with significant improvement in the routine of a professional car salesperson is of high importance in this regard. Here are 6 best practices in this regard to help the car dealers get more worth from their reps.

  1. Reviews the basics

Ask you sales rep to spend at least half an hour on brushing up their product knowledge, going through sales training material and reviewing the goals for the day. Moreover, if they are facing problems on fixing appointments through the call, then advise them to spend around 10 minutes every day working on it till they start winning the customers with just a “hello”.

  1. Go Digital

In the ongoing digital world, seeking the help of mobile email marketing, SMS campaigns and social media to engage customers is worthwhile. Automotive SEO is growing at a rapid pace and has been contributing significantly in the growing car sales.

  1. Greet the client cordially

It is high time to avoid clichés like “Can I help you” OR “Can I get someone for you?” Instead, as the sales reps to introduce themselves as the sales person ever ready to serve the customer. It is better to start with: “Welcome to XYZ Cars. I’m XXX and you are…?”  A warm welcome helps to engage the customer right from the first moment.

4.PPM plans to improve Retention

Dealers who develop a successful Prepaid Maintenance Program can motivate their customers more positively as compared to others. Positive customer feedback in turn helps them to generate enhanced ROI. So just intro-inspect if you are also on the same boat.

  1. What about test drive

Going on a test drive with your customers helps you to know more about their choice about the cars and the related accessories. As a sales rep or car dealer, take care that you are driving the car so that you give more time to talk about their preferences. At times, they may in fact want you to drive due to nervousness or unfamiliarity with the new car. Abiding by their wish will enable you to create a rapport with them.

  1. All the Cars at all times

One of the trickiest strategies of car dealers and automotive websites is the availability of mixed ration of old and new cars on these auto dealer websites. The beauty of this “all-cars-all-the-time” approach is that you’re giving equal exposure to ALL of your new and used cars. This appreciates your chances of getting closer to your shopper’s preferences.

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