New year new me? I say new year new site! The new year is always a time to buckle down and streamline your company. Expectations are at its highest and failure is not an option. So, what the latest in store for us in 2017? Let’s find out:

  • Less is more: Sidebars, headers and banner ads on your website hog up a considerable amount of space making your website look like a neat freaks nightmare! The latest trend for 2017 is simple, back to basics. Clean, modern and efficient web designs are in, busy is out. The emphasis is on removing the distractions and highlighting the pertinent info.
  • Bye Bye flat designs: Gone are the days where drop shadows, gradients, and textures were in. It’s all about big and bold. More empty real estate, larger fonts with minimal content will draw the consumer in.
  • More use of animation: Animation is one of the more successful trends of 2017. Animation engages consumers with moving graphics and informal designs. I’m curious to see how far we can take the use of animation in 2017. It will be fun to see new animated car dealer web designs come online in 2017!
  • Collaborate or go home!: I can’t stress this enough to my teams. Communication is key between the design and development team. Collaborate or go home is the motto for 2017! Collaboration is necessary to achieve a more user-friendly yet functional website. Many companies fail to implement appropriate communication between these two divisions.
  • In with the new out with the old: With the old traditional style of headings getting outdated we can see creative and more imaginative heading styles for the automotive website industry. Perhaps grid designs? Brighter colors? Let’s see what’s next!

My take-home message: Be sure to hire a company that makes certain their website development and design team are synchronized to achieve the best automotive website for 2017!

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