When was the last time you took a thorough look at your website? Have you compared it with your competition? Well! It’s time you take a look! Technology changes daily so it’s maybe time to evaluate your car dealer website.

Industry experts suggest redesigning websites every 2 years. The important thing here is to find out if it’s the right time to talk to a professional. They’re better equipped to figure & find out if your website needs some TLC!

Take a look below at some key points to determine if your car dealership website needs some improvement:

  • Responsive Dealer Website: Did you know more than 80% of car searches are done through a mobile device? Is your car dealer website mobile responsive? Is your website fully optimized on all the different types of mobile devices out there? If not, it may be time for you to update your automotive website!
  • The white spaces: Empty spaces or white spaces are good for your websites as they increase the readability. So, if you don’t have those pretty white spaces you maybe be missing out. White spaces attract users and make the site look clean, especially for car dealer websites as a car is typically the second-largest investment made in a household.
  • Image carousels: Hang on! If you still do not have an image and or video integrated banner on your website you may be due for an upgrade. Videos attract users and increase consumer engagement.
  • The old fonts: Earlier, most of the websites used the same old fonts, for example, Times New Roman or shall I say Times New Boring! Luckily there are so many new highly rated readable fonts available online that you just can’t miss out on!
  • Stuck on Stock photos: Gone are the days when people used stock photos for their automotive websites. Instead of going for generic photos, hire a local photographer to take some photos of your car dealership and inventory, or if you’re on a budget and up for a little adventure take them yourself!

Hope this blog was helpful!

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