Mobile devices have become a quintessential component in the process of vehicle purchasing. It is not just a mere statement; rather it is a well-proven fact as per the studies commissioned by New Autoshopper 2015 and Facebook IQ. The rigorous use of mobile devices in almost every aspect is tremendously changing the ways through which people shop for vehicles. This is perhaps among prominent reasons why most of the automobile dealerships focus on responsive automotive websites instead of other traditional marketing approaches.

What JD power says?

According to the New Autoshopper Study of 2015 by J.D. Power, about 51% of online shoppers for new vehicle primarily use mobile devices like smartphones or tablets for conducting research and price comparisons. As per the stats given in the study, a tremendous increase of 83% in the usage of tablets and 70% increase in the usage of smartphones is visible as a medium for vehicle shopping. They use these devices not only to gather information and do research, but also to contact the auto dealers digitally.

Yes, while a majority group of people prefer to initially walk-in to the dealership, about 24% (One-fourth) of them initiate digital contact – either through auto dealer websites, emails, online quote requesting or through online forums.

What Facebook IQ reveals?

Similar outcomes are also visible in the recent study of Facebook IQ by IpsosMediaCT. It reveals that about 71% of both used and new car respondents make use of mobile devices all through the process of vehicle purchasing. Besides this, over 58% of the shoppers also anticipate the use of such devices in the future. Thus, all auto car dealers need to lay significant emphasis over reaching people in their research mode. This will help them in making their minds about car preferences accordingly.

The future of vehicle shopping

Considering the revelations of both the studies, the automobile dealers can conclude that the future of vehicle shopping majorly lies in having a responsive car dealer website. It should be capable of working efficiently over both mobile platforms and desktops.

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