Designing a website is not just a skill but an art where design and functionally are seamlessly woven like a bespoke suit. 8 tips explain how this is achieved.

  • Lack of understanding of how websites are created: Many designers just don’t understand the skills of creating websites. Professional designers have an innate ability to create websites that are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Failing to examine flaws from your current website: One important point is to examine the flawed aspects of your current website in order to avoid making the same mistakes on your new one. This involves a lot of time and patience so making a list of pro’s and con’s about your current website is a good idea.
  • Scope of Work: Having a predetermined scope of work saves agony for both you and your graphic designer. With a clear understanding of the work involved, a realistic expectation is set thus disappointment is avoided. The best designers always have a breakdown outlining the scope of work involved.
  • Unrealistic Timelines: Set a realistic timeline for your website design. Creativity can never be rushed.
  • Not Integrating software with your website: Many car dealers make the mistake of not having a backend management system for their website. CMS (content management system) is vital for any automotive website. It allows car dealers to easily control their inventory, images, and any syndications they may have. Not having an automotive website solution is like having a car without an engine.
  • Out of date website: Just like trading in your used vehicle for a newer one, it’s the same for websites. A redesign is important not only to keep up with the latest design features but also with the latest technological advancements. According to industry experts, auto dealer websites should undergo redevelopment and design every 2 years.
  • Missing flow: One of the most important features of a website is its flow. Studies show flow directly correlates with visitor engagement.
  • A free website from a friend or a family member: No! No! Noooo! Did I say NO?! This is a catastrophe just waiting to happen. Nothing is ever free nobody will ever give you space on their server without some sort of compensation. You will also never own your own domain. There is no search engine optimization. Little to none customer support. Shall I continue? Take my advice and save yourself the headache and work with a professional to create your car dealer website.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

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