If you own an automotive dealership and wish to increase you conversion rate, you primarily need to understand who exactly your potential customers are and what they actually want from your side. Here are some of the key traits of Canadian car buyers that you must know –

Canadians in Million are searching for car

As per a study, one out of every three Canadian at any moment thinks about or actively researches about purchasing a car. On an average, this thought of purchasing usually occurs thrice a day that results in their going online and browsing. Thus, in order to obtain maximum out of this situation, you need to combine display, search and videos together to drive the consideration of your potential consumers.

Going digital is the key

Yes, out of every 10 car buyers in Canada, 9 people make use of internet as their source of research and gaining information. The top sources through which the consumers usually interact online include review sites, dealer sites and OEM and search. In short, the internet is new showroom for buyers, thus you need to make sure that you own responsive car dealer website for your dealership. Adding videos and 360o walk-arounds is surely a bonus for your customers.

They are open to a vast market

Being into a huge market of competition, you should never underestimate your competitors. Rather, you should keep on thinking about new ideas to attract your potential customers. Of course, buyers are always flexible while purchasing any car instead of being emotional. They think with an open mind. Thus, in order to remain connected with your consumers all through the purchasing journey, you need to include display, remarketing lists and videos for searching ads.

Prefer a cross-device online presence

With the growing usage of mobile devices, mobile has become a critical force for the Canadian buyers in their car buying journey. Of course, they use multiple numbers of devices to do research and gain information. Thus, you need to lay significant emphasis on creating an automotive website that works efficiently over every device.

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