The car dealer marketing of several automotive dealerships may include a tune-up. Here are the email marketing strategies for your car dealer websites to boost your campaign’s outcomes.

Never Overlook Your Service Department

Auto dealers know it very well that service department can generate up to 80% of profits for their business. Why 80% of email marketing content of auto dealerships stems on just sales department? Your service department also has staff in light repair outfits. Why don’t you speak about its advantage with your email newsletter copy?

Have Accurate Email Addresses

A lot of automotive dealers have accurate emails for just 10% of total customers. Around 5% of your customers may get inactive or change their email addresses per month. So, you should make an effort to gather email addresses to keep the list up-to-date.

Feedback Brings Sales

Also, add testimonials and reviews of your customers to your newsletter to build credibility and rapport in your subscribers’ list. Be sure to add genuine testimonials from a real person, not a fictional “Daniel from Texas”. Comments from the customers in both service and sales department can lead to a flow of sensible testimonials.

Add Subject Line with Customer’s Name and Particular Vehicle

Around 70% of potential automotive dealership buyers decide to delete or open emails just on subject line. If you feature a specific vehicle with their name, you are telling that this email has something important for them. So, your subject line should be as short as possible, i.e. under 50 characters, to double your click-through rates.

Improve Sales by Adding Videos

As almost every buyer has high-speed internet connection in the world, the online shoppers are now ready to view an online video, which streams smoothly in their emails.

According to a Kelton Research survey, around 87% of buyers make purchasing decisions just based on the video, and dealership’s newsletter with video can increase conversion rate by 20%. Over 59% of buyers preferred a video to the text and photos. Adding videos to emails is very simple. Make sure your template is okay to streamline the video content.

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