Facebook Ads (Targeting)
For Auto Dealers

Real-Time Inventory Sync

We automatically pull your inventory and publish to Facebook, Instagram, And Facebook Marketplace.

Local In-Market Car Shopper

Strategically deliver your ads to shoppers most likely to buy.

VIN-Specific Leads

Dynamically retarget qualified prospects with your live inventory feed and similar models of interest, then drive VIN-Specific Leads directly into your email or CRM.

Tracked Unit Sales

Match your sold vehicles to your ads every month and understand how many sold units your ads generated.

How We Identify Vehicle Shoppers

We use...
  • In-Market Shopper data
  • Demographic data
  • Behavioral data
  • Purchase/ Financial data
... to help you get smarter -i.e:
  • In-Market Shoppers (90 days)
  • Within 25 miles of your store
  • In a specific credit bracket (ex: high credit)
  • With your specific vehicle models (ex: high credit)

How It Works


Using POLK, TransUnion and Facebook data, we find In-Market Shoppers near your store.


Your vehicle feed is integrated with our dynamic inventory ad formats on facebook


When a shopper logs in, they will see your vehicle ad in their Facebook News Feed and can click to your dealership's VDP.


Our system tracks and logs at of the shopper's actions on your website VDPs.


Back on Facebook, your ads retarget shoppers with exact vehicles viewed until they convert or buy a vehicle.


Measure vehicle sales attributed to your ads by uploading and matching your sales data to Facebook.

Activate Your Account

After determining your goals & budget, activate your package and add-ons.


During your onboarding, you’ll grant us access to your Facebook Business Page. If you do not have one, we can create one for you.

Campaign Design

We’ll design your campaigns including ad copy creation, landing page creation, tracking, and more. You can approve all these before we launch.

Campaign Launch

We’ll launch your campaigns and start monitoring results.

Daily Optimization

The start of your campaign is critical as we gather data. Our unique, multi-stage optimization process ensures your campaigns are producing at optimal levels at all times.

Ongoing optimization, scale & reporting

With monthly reporting and a dedicated campaign manager, you’ll have full confidence in what’s happening with your campaigns at all times.