With the launch of a new car model every year, the approach of automotive dealer marketing should change with it. To make the most of your efforts, it is wise to understand the latest technology trends, stay up-to-date, and utilize the best car dealer software to improve your business. Here are the top tools for car dealer marketing you should know –

  1. Marketing Automotive Tool

It is the best automotive CRM software to market your dealership on several channels and conduct repetitive automotive tasks like email blasts. The best part of this dealership software is that it can collect details about potential customers. It helps you understand the buyer’s interests, habits, geographical details, and nurture lead and turn into buyers. This auto dealer software also collects emails from concerned parties to create the list of subscribers.

  1. Social Media Management

Social media is another important part of marketing to generate leads and make campaigns succeed with audience engagement. A tech-friendly and younger buyer uses social media to make informed decisions. According to CMO Council,–

  • 23% of buyers use social media to communicate or discuss purchase experience,
  • 84% of automobile buyers use Facebook, and 24% use it as a resource for buying their vehicle
  • 38% of buyers will consult social media when it comes to buying a car.

This way, an auto dealer can use social media to connect with buyers and engage them by sharing details and answering questions.

  1. Website Chat

It is important to offer a chat feature to engage your potential buyers on Car Dealer Websites by discussing features and answering questions and lengthen the time spent by the buyers on automotive websites.

  1. PPC

Pay Per Click or PPC is another on-demand marketing medium for automotive dealers. They can pay for ads placed strategically to drive traffic to their site. They can also use Google Adwords to track buyers with selected keywords. With PPC, you can target your potential buyers in your location, who are searching for specific car models offered by you.

  1. Targeted Advertising

With the increasing use of smartphones, you can now narrow your marketing efforts down by placing mobile ads. You can easily target ads to reach your potential customers in a specific location and according to their buying decisions.

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