2017 Digital Trends – How Consumers Feel About It?

What are the new trends in a digital world that will surely draw the attention of the consumers? Almost every organization wants to find a concrete answer for this question. Yes, with the rapidly transforming digital world, a great shift of consumer attention is visible towards the lucrative new routes of digital marketing. It is but obvious to occur in a scenario where digital success opportunities are available in abundance.

Thus the organizations need to evolve constantly with the changing digital trends and provide optimum value to its consumers. However, to know what actually the consumers feel about the changing digital scenario, the survey of Code Computer love can turn out a vital source for you. With the flawless amalgamation of various interactive technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality etc, here are some of the much-preferred technology integrations that consumers tend to love in 2017 as per the survey –

Mobile payments – the topmost priority

As per the survey of Code Computer love conducted over 1000 adults of UK, the mobile payments have become the most preferred technological advancement for the year 2017. With the continuous growth of smartphones, mobile marketing continues to broaden its scope and mobile payments are one of its examples. Yes, more and more people are switching towards mobile payments for constant buying due to the ease and convenience it offers to them.

Virtual reality on the go

While choosing between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), 9 consumers out often make a preference for virtual one in near future due to the kind of customer experience it offers. Although, both the VR and AR are key strides of retail and marketing sector, virtual reality still occupies a cutting edge over AR. It is surely an excellent way of engaging your customers into an interactive session.

The 360o view

Another significant trend of digital marketing that consumers look forward to in 2017 is the 360o view of their responsive dealer websites. This allows them to experience an immersion in the reality despite being in the virtual world.

Why Video Marketing is a Must-have for your Dealership Website?

Having a well-built responsive car dealer website does not count your online presence unless you have a goof SEO ranking. Yes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to determining your fate in terms of online success. To stay at the top position of the search engine, many automotive websites focus on the creation of blog posts, landing pages and written content. However, this is not the only way to score high.

In fact, Google –the most prominent search engine defines about 200 factors in its algorithm based on which it ranks the different website. Of course, you cannot be perfect in all, but you can add few captivating elements to raise your score. Videos are one such factor that can distinguish you from your competitors, and create your unique branding. Some of the key advantages of including a video on your dealership website include –

Create impressions

Videos are capable of creating a far-fetched impression over your potential customers thereby enticing your buyers towards your products and services. On the other hand, the consumers also find it a convenient option to look for relevant goods and services.

Gain consumer trust

The kind of video you display on your website reveals your personality that turns out a great help in connecting with your customers.

Improvise your sales metrics

If you really want to boost your conversion metrics, videos are surely a good option to depend upon. You can easily register any kind of visual input rather than text that remains far more memorable for the consumers. Irrespective of the purpose for which you are using videos, they will turn out a boon for your dealership.

Improved SEO

The moment you integrate a video into your website, you can tremendously improvise your SEO potential. Furthermore, with every share of the video, your websites’ SEO boosts due to increased traffic.

Advanced shareability and social proof

Since videos create an emotional connection with your customers, they can create your great presence online along with expanding your reach through sharing. This allows you to maintain healthy and long-term relationships with your customers.

Car Dealer Marketing: How to Motivate your Sales Reps to Use CRM Software

In the recent times, CRM has emerged as an inevitable marketing and client acquisition tool in myriad industries and the same holds for companies into the business of car dealer marketing. The significance of CRM lies in the proper utilization by sales team in its everyday core activities. However, ironically, organizations face several issues in grooming their sales team with this software. Here is how they could get their sales reps to use CRM software and hence ensure enhanced business:

Simplify your process

The success of your sales efforts lies in explaining its value to the prospect. The same rule applies when it comes to motivating your team to use CRM software. You need to explain why using this tool would be better for them instead of sticking to the traditional sales methods. These rep-centric benefits would help you in this regard:

  • CRM software acts as a centralized place to track prospect interaction
  • It enables to record noted about prospects
  • It is helpful in visualizing sales forecasts.

Assign CRMs to different teams

CRM software mostly exist over the cloud and are also available in freemium versions. So what you can do is to have different teams of reps and ask each of them to use a distinct CRM. Keep getting feedback from them so that when you finally decide to choose the paid version of a CRM, you will already have a team to train other team members. As a result, your reps will discover the value of the CRM software.

Encourage Collaboration

Whether it is car dealer marketing or any other business, mouth campaign works efficiently in every field. Thus if people in your team are aware and helping each other, it will prove to be a team effort and things will fall into place flawlessly.

Incentive Plans

Incentives on this one will always ignite a fire in your team to buckle up and start. This can be a point system related to the fields that they fill out, the amount of contacts they add vs. the leads they have taken. Get creative and offer things that you know will motivate your reps.

Use the product yourself

Before sending your product for the final show, it is better if you have hands on experience with the product. Setting up an example in the initial stages would make your team motivated and keen on taking initiatives.

Auto Dealership Customer service: Do’s and don’ts

Profitability and success of a business depend largely on customer service and the same holds for car dealerships. Companies operating in this business domain put forth their best attempt to make way for better sales and engage more potential customers. However, like all other verticals, customer assistance in auto dealership customer service also requires you to abide by certain do’s and don’ts. Here is a list that will help you to ensure a flawless customer service department of your Car Dealer marketing business.


Thank your customers

Utilize every opportunity that comes your way to thank the customers. When your area of working is in an overcrowded industry like automotive sales, your customers always has some option. Make sure that you are vocal while appreciating your customer’s decision of working with you.

Learn to keep promises

This is the simplest step to follow. If you ever make a promise to your customers never forget to keep it intact. Nothing could turn down a customer quicker than when they feel neglected or if you fail to function as per their expectation.

Be prompt and responsive

Try to remain as responsive and prompt as possible when you deal with any of your clients. If you miss any call from your potential clients, make it a point to call them back on that very day. If your customers try to contact you, keep in mind to reply as soon as possible. An Automotive CRM Software is of great help in this regard.


Stop interrupting

For sure, you would try your best to make all your dealings with your customers smooth and undisputed. Still, if you come across some less pleased customer let them voice their anger and frustration. If the customer’s concern is legit, do not interrupt and come up with a solution.

Using jargon is a big no

When you are talking with a customer or explaining a service to any client concerned, explain the same to them in easy language. It is good to leave out words and expressions that you use on a regular basis while dealing with customers. Keep your conversation short and simple.

Do not under-deliver 

This goes hand in hand with the ‘keep your promises’ point. If you have promised something to the customer, make sure that you fulfill your commitment well within time and with due honesty.

To summarize, if you follow some noteworthy points like the aforementioned one, you are sure to excel in your auto dealership business.