Want to Double your Conversion Rates – Switch to Responsive Dealer Website

With more and more people switching towards the hard hit usage of smartphones as well as tablets, the mobile devices have taken over the phenomenon of internet surfing. Whether you want to check mails or browse any social media outlet, everything is now just a click away from your mobile. In fact, online shopping has also become easier with mobile usage. Looking at such steady shift towards mobile devices, you need to make sure that you own a mobile-friendly website.

If you are still operating your old non-responsive dealer website, you should immediately switch towards owning a responsive one.

What are responsive websites?

Having a responsive website design allows your users to access all your content, structure and images over any device in the same format. This means you really don’t need to worry about the compatibility of your website with different devices.

What numbers have to say?

With the record breaking increase in the number of mobile users every year, Google, a giant search engine has come forward with a preference towards the usage of responsive website design as the only pattern for mobile devices. Thus, if you wish to remain on the top side of SEO ranking, you need to abide by its preferences.

In fact, according to the study conducted by Aberdeen Group, the responsive websites showed 11% higher increase in the conversion rates in comparison with the non-responsive websites that only received 2.7% improvement in the performance every year. Its report says that responsive websites can improve your overall annual performance in terms of –

  • Brand awareness
  • Conversion rate of visitors-to-buyers
  • Annual revenue of the company
  • Average value of orders
  • Rate of visitor engagement

How responsive design increases conversion?

Earlier, online shopping over mobile devices was a painful experience that requires you to show superior level of patience. However, with responsive website designs, the scenario can change tremendously. In fact, several companies report a successful increase in the conversion rate with the help of responsive dealer websites. Some of the renowned names include Bench, State Farm, O’Neil Clothing etc.

Role of Mobile Devices during Vehicle Shopping

Mobile devices have become a quintessential component in the process of vehicle purchasing. It is not just a mere statement; rather it is a well-proven fact as per the studies commissioned by New Autoshopper 2015 and Facebook IQ. The rigorous use of mobile devices in almost every aspect is tremendously changing the ways through which people shop for vehicles. This is perhaps among prominent reasons why most of the automobile dealerships focus on responsive automotive websites instead of other traditional marketing approaches.

What JD power says?

According to the New Autoshopper Study of 2015 by J.D. Power, about 51% of online shoppers for new vehicle primarily use mobile devices like smartphones or tablets for conducting research and price comparisons. As per the stats given in the study, a tremendous increase of 83% in the usage of tablets and 70% increase in the usage of smartphones is visible as a medium for vehicle shopping. They use these devices not only to gather information and do research, but also to contact the auto dealers digitally.

Yes, while a majority group of people prefer to initially walk-in to the dealership, about 24% (One-fourth) of them initiate digital contact – either through auto dealer websites, emails, online quote requesting or through online forums.

What Facebook IQ reveals?

Similar outcomes are also visible in the recent study of Facebook IQ by IpsosMediaCT. It reveals that about 71% of both used and new car respondents make use of mobile devices all through the process of vehicle purchasing. Besides this, over 58% of the shoppers also anticipate the use of such devices in the future. Thus, all auto car dealers need to lay significant emphasis over reaching people in their research mode. This will help them in making their minds about car preferences accordingly.

The future of vehicle shopping

Considering the revelations of both the studies, the automobile dealers can conclude that the future of vehicle shopping majorly lies in having a responsive car dealer website. It should be capable of working efficiently over both mobile platforms and desktops.

Canadian Car Buyers – Important Traits to Know About

If you own an automotive dealership and wish to increase you conversion rate, you primarily need to understand who exactly your potential customers are and what they actually want from your side. Here are some of the key traits of Canadian car buyers that you must know –

Canadians in Million are searching for car

As per a study, one out of every three Canadian at any moment thinks about or actively researches about purchasing a car. On an average, this thought of purchasing usually occurs thrice a day that results in their going online and browsing. Thus, in order to obtain maximum out of this situation, you need to combine display, search and videos together to drive the consideration of your potential consumers.

Going digital is the key

Yes, out of every 10 car buyers in Canada, 9 people make use of internet as their source of research and gaining information. The top sources through which the consumers usually interact online include review sites, dealer sites and OEM and search. In short, the internet is new showroom for buyers, thus you need to make sure that you own responsive car dealer website for your dealership. Adding videos and 360o walk-arounds is surely a bonus for your customers.

They are open to a vast market

Being into a huge market of competition, you should never underestimate your competitors. Rather, you should keep on thinking about new ideas to attract your potential customers. Of course, buyers are always flexible while purchasing any car instead of being emotional. They think with an open mind. Thus, in order to remain connected with your consumers all through the purchasing journey, you need to include display, remarketing lists and videos for searching ads.

Prefer a cross-device online presence

With the growing usage of mobile devices, mobile has become a critical force for the Canadian buyers in their car buying journey. Of course, they use multiple numbers of devices to do research and gain information. Thus, you need to lay significant emphasis on creating an automotive website that works efficiently over every device.

2017 Digital Trends – How Consumers Feel About It?

What are the new trends in a digital world that will surely draw the attention of the consumers? Almost every organization wants to find a concrete answer for this question. Yes, with the rapidly transforming digital world, a great shift of consumer attention is visible towards the lucrative new routes of digital marketing. It is but obvious to occur in a scenario where digital success opportunities are available in abundance.

Thus the organizations need to evolve constantly with the changing digital trends and provide optimum value to its consumers. However, to know what actually the consumers feel about the changing digital scenario, the survey of Code Computer love can turn out a vital source for you. With the flawless amalgamation of various interactive technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality etc, here are some of the much-preferred technology integrations that consumers tend to love in 2017 as per the survey –

Mobile payments – the topmost priority

As per the survey of Code Computer love conducted over 1000 adults of UK, the mobile payments have become the most preferred technological advancement for the year 2017. With the continuous growth of smartphones, mobile marketing continues to broaden its scope and mobile payments are one of its examples. Yes, more and more people are switching towards mobile payments for constant buying due to the ease and convenience it offers to them.

Virtual reality on the go

While choosing between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), 9 consumers out often make a preference for virtual one in near future due to the kind of customer experience it offers. Although, both the VR and AR are key strides of retail and marketing sector, virtual reality still occupies a cutting edge over AR. It is surely an excellent way of engaging your customers into an interactive session.

The 360o view

Another significant trend of digital marketing that consumers look forward to in 2017 is the 360o view of their responsive dealer websites. This allows them to experience an immersion in the reality despite being in the virtual world.